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Logo Design

A professional company logo design should be unique that should stand out in the market and can be recognize easily by your target audience. Avoiding overused icons, visual and generic design is a great way to do this.

Adding credibility to the design can help to make the brand identity look unique. Flexibility of design is important as well, logo should be fit well on a website and can impress potential clients.

It should be optimized and well presented to avoid blurry images or sizing issues. Effective logo designs always rely on simplicity that work well with color and text that can easily recognized by audiences.

Business Cards

A business card is the first impression from your business. You will not believe that a small business card can really make a huge impact on your organization that you represent. Your business card design, the quality of materials that was used lets your potential client know that your company or organization pays attention to all details even the smallest details.

With StudioGrfx business card design, you will let your business card speak for itself! You can create a memorable first impression with business card that reflects a true professionalism of your company. We can also assist you with a complete corporate identity packages for your company.

Flyers & Posters

Flyers and brochures is a way of advertising or showcasing your business and products which will never be out dated.

One should always design them really well with the most relevant information. Flyers require a lot of aesthetic sense to look different. Only if they are designed to perfection will they be looked at. Eye catching flyers and brochures require a lot of expertise and copy writing.

Starting A New Business?

We create brands that really make you stand out.

This can be an overwhelming yet exciting time—we know because we’ve been there! Having started and run our own successful business over the last 10 years, we have valuable information and guidance we can share with you.

What’s important is to invest in a captivating logo, a brand that will do some of the marketing work for you. The success of any good company is founded on branding that commands attention and shows personality. We have great packages designed specifically for start-up businesses just like yours.